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Sleep, sleep, perchance to dream

Good morning!

I had intensive and extensive dreams last night, mostly centered around a former lover visiting me and my family, although also greatly influenced by random Doctor Who. Throughout the dream, I tried very much to keep things platonic with my former lover, but he kept being extremely affectionate with me, practically keeping his hand on my hip the entire time. It was sweet and I tried to think nothing of it until towards the end of the dream when we found ourselves semi-alone in the dining room where, earlier in the dream, my parents, sister and her husband, my lover, some random secretary that worked for my parents, one of my father's colleagues, and my former lover had dinner. (This dining room was in my completely-made-up-for-the-dream two-story house. I live in the upper apartment in a two-family house.)

The secretary was there, finishing up a text on her "vintage Blackberry device". This thing was extremely light, but practically the size of a laptop. In my dream, she pressed a button and like a Transformer, it closed itself up and looked more like a vintage radio with lots of knobs and things. It made my former lover laugh.

"Oh that's wonderful!" he said. He reached over and turned a dial. The sound of Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade" started pouring in softly from somewhere in the room. We started swaying our hips in time to the music.

I smiled at him. "You would think it's neat. Very 1940s. Very you." He was dressed rather formally in a suit and tie (don't recall the color). His pants were crisply pleated.

He turned to face me and took my right hand in his left and kissed it. I felt myself flush and turn away. I noticed what I was wearing: it was very 40s in style, a rather-snug pencil skirt and a crisp, white button down shirt. I don't remember if I was wearing the same thing earlier, but my clothing in my dreams tend to suit the style and mood at any moment and it was very appropriate for this moment. He held my hand and waist and started turning me around the room and we danced for a short time. It was nice. Really nice. I became very aware of the height distance between us, as my former lover is rather tall. He kissed my hand again and turned me around the room once more. We noticed the secretary was gone.

He bent down and scooped me up. I gasped and mumbled an apology - I am not as light as I used to be when we first met. He sat me on the dining room table, looked right at me and said that it didn't matter to him.

He pushed my skirt up, exposing my panties. It yielded easily to him. He positioned himself between my legs. I felt nervous and was trembling; I wanted to pull away from him, but I wanted to surrender to him too. He pressed up against me and I could feel him hard against my thigh.

He kissed me. It was glorious, deep passionate kissing. His lips told me how much he ached and longed for me and he wrapped me in his long arms. I placed my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. Our tongues danced. Glenn Miller was still playing in softly in the distance. He placed his hands on the table and pressed himself against me. I could tell I was very wet and my nipples were hard. Our breaths were shallow, panting. We were both very flushed and where we touched, it was hot and moist. We both knew we'd make hard, violent love right there, my legs wrapped around his waist, his mouth sucking on my breast. He'd eat me out, lick my pussy until I cried out and demanded that he fuck me. He'd give me waves of orgasms, then flip me on my belly and pump me until we were both spent. We both realized it, just by kissing and nothing would stop us.

And then, I woke up.
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